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Hot pressing grouting mould casting process and its processing requirements

May 26, 2018

In the past, the hot-pressing grouting mold used a plaster mold, but due to its low heat resistance, large surface pore size, easy clogging, and low flexural strength, it can only be used occasionally for high pressure grouting. In order to make up for its deficiencies, an advanced hot-press grouting mold has been developed. Its structure is novel and its design is reasonable.


This hot-pressing grouting mold adopts Si3N4-BN ceramic material as a mold body, and a porous protective layer formed of a durable aluminum cement material is adhered on an outer periphery thereof with a binder, and a varnish resin is coated on the outer periphery and the bottom surface of the protective layer. The seal layer is constructed by being installed in a pressure vessel provided with a spout.


The unique structure makes it have a high flexural strength, can fully withstand high-pressure grouting; at the same time the heat resistance is also very good, timely heating at 1200 °C will not degenerate, under harsh conditions can also be formed; and it The average pore size is small and does not block, which helps to shorten the molding time. In addition, the hot-press grouting mold also has good wear resistance, is easy to demoulding, has a service life that greatly exceeds the plaster mold, does not require frequent mold changing and mold repair, and significantly reduces production costs.


The manufacturing process of the hot-press grouting mould is a complex and meticulous work. The first step is to make a prototype and the size is consistent with the finished product; the second step is to make the original tire with the same dimensions as the Wei ceramic blank; It is made of a concave tire, which is made by turning the original fetus; followed by making a convex tire, which is made by turning up the concave tire, and it generally includes a bottom mold and a mold periphery or a core and a mold periphery. The last step is to make working molds for grouting.


Before the grouting of the hot-pressing grouting mould, the model needs to be properly treated. The basic requirement is to have good water absorption to ensure sufficient pulping speed and shorten the grouting period; at the same time, it must have enough mechanical strength, including folding resistance. Tensile, compressive strength, to ensure that the product is not deformed: In addition, it must also be smooth, no oil and muddy, easy to release, the body is of good quality, can reduce the workload of repair; size, shape match Requirements; long service life.