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Hot pressing grouting valve film mold precautions during grouting

Mar 17, 2019

Hot pressing grouting valve film mold precautions during grouting

Gypsum mold is a traditional ceramic grouting mold. Due to its low heat resistance, large surface porosity, easy blockage and low flexural strength, it is not used regularly for high pressure grouting. Recently, a high-precision hot-press grouting valve film mold has been invented, which has a novel structure and reasonable design. The Si3N4-BN ceramic material is used as the main body of the mold, and a porous protective layer formed of aluminum cement durable material is adhered on the outer periphery thereof, and a varnish resin sealing layer is applied on the outer periphery and the bottom surface of the protective layer, and is installed in the air outlet. The pressure vessel is constructed inside.


The hot pressing grouting valve film mold is very strict in the process of grouting. In order to avoid flaws in the finished product, each step must be in accordance with the requirements. Of course, some details have to be paid attention to, which will affect the appearance of the finished product. quality.


Hot pressing grouting valve film mold grouting body in the process of suctioning, because the body is extremely soft and easy to collapse, in the process of starting sizing to re-pulping, it is necessary to avoid all possible vibration of the model and the body. behavior. According to the temperature and weather conditions, the suction time should be properly adjusted. The thickness of the blank should be measured by cutting 2-3 pieces of the blank from the end of the blank.


It is necessary to check whether there is no slurry in the mold filling container, so as to avoid uneven thickness of the blank. When transporting the hot pressing grouting valve film mold blank, care should be taken to handle it carefully, and gently handle it to avoid damage to the blank and cause breakage. In short, in order to make the finished products meet the requirements, the production process must be more careful to meet the requirements.