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Hot runner injection mold application situation introduction

Jun 15, 2018

As an advanced plastic injection molding processing technology, the hot runner system has already been widely used. With the constant development of the mold industry, the proportion of hot runner injection molds has gradually increased. At the same time, in the market, people pay more and more attention to the application of hot runner injection molds. Next we briefly analyze its principles and advantages.


The so-called hot runner, in fact, refers to the role of injection pressure and its own heat, the plastic in the flow channel to maintain the flow state. The runner is part of the molding material but does not belong to the product. Therefore, we must not only consider the filling effect when designing hot runner injection molds, but also consider how to save materials by shortening and narrowing the flow channels.


Normally we can also call it a no-flow channel because after the end of each injection, the plastic in the flow channel does not solidify, so that the plastic product does not have to remove the nozzle in the flow channel when leaving the hot runner injection mold. Since the plastic in the flow channel did not solidify, the flow channel remained open during the next injection. In short, the hot runner is an extension of the injection molding machine nozzle.


The emergence and application of hot runner injection molds have brought many benefits to our production operations. First of all, the molding cycle of the parts is greatly shortened. Because there is no limit to the cooling time of the runner system, the parts can be ejected in a timely manner after being cured. There are even many small thin-walled parts that can be produced using this mold. The molding cycle can be controlled within five seconds. Second, the amount of plastic raw materials is effectively saved. This is because there is no cold sprue in the full hot runner mold, so there is no production cost.


Not only that, after the use of hot runner injection molds, on the one hand to reduce waste, improve the pass rate, on the other hand is to improve the product quality. During the hot runner injection molding process, the plastic melt temperature is accurately controlled in the runner system. Plastics can flow into the mold cavities in a more uniform state. The result is consistent parts.