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How to enhance the durability of ceramic heat sink mold

Jul 22, 2017

It is undeniable that the role of Ceramic heat sink mold is very important, but in the actual production process will be due to wear and other problems caused by its reduced accuracy, it is difficult to meet the production needs. Therefore, we need to take some measures to maximize the durability of ceramic heat sink mold. Let's share some of the ways we can improve our durability.

The first method to rationally improve the design of ceramic heat sink mold. In general, the rationality of its structural design will directly affect its durability. In other words, only to ensure the rationality of the design work, can effectively improve its durability. Thus in the design process, we need to avoid as much as possible in the late may have a negative impact on the formation of factors.

The second method is to choose a more suitable ceramic heat sink mold material. In fact, different molds are made of different materials, so it has different strength, toughness and wear resistance. Under the same conditions, if the quality of the material used is more excellent, then it can greatly enhance its durability, but also can reduce a lot of trouble.

The third method is to combine the actual situation with the corresponding ceramic heat sink mold manufacturing process, but also should ensure that the processing accuracy. In fact, its processing accuracy for the latter part of the durability will have a greater impact. If the accuracy is low, then the latter is prone to wear and tear, and often lead to failure in a short time, can not be used.

The last method is that in the course of daily work, we also need to use the correct mode of operation, but also need to be properly maintained. Maintenance work is the most important point is to regularly check, if found abnormal problems, timely solution. This will not only ensure its wear resistance, but also help to improve the quality of production products.


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