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How to make ceramic bottles with ceramic molds?

Dec 25, 2018

Ceramic wine bottles should have been seen, but its production process may not be very well understood, which must rely on the role of ceramic molds to smoothly make ceramic bottles. What steps will be specifically taken, or will be introduced to you step by step.

The process of making ceramic wine bottles is very complicated. The first step is to stir the mud, and the key is that the concentration of the mud must be well grasped. Another point is that the mud should be evenly mixed, so that the edge of the ceramic bottle poured out It will not be uneven.

Then, the evenly mixed mud is poured into the ceramic mold, and the mold is allowed to suck the mud, and it is gradually formed according to the shape of the ceramic mold. After about half an hour or so, the mud in the ceramic mold can be poured out, and the already formed mud has been attached to it.

When you pay attention, the ceramic mold can't be opened at this time. After all, it has not been cured yet. It is also necessary to wait for an hour to know that the hardness of the mud in the ceramic mold is hard and then take out the mold. At this time, the basic type of the ceramic bottle comes out.

What needs to be done is air drying, because the mud that has just been taken out of the mud has a high humidity, can not be glazed immediately, and can not be placed in the firing. Air drying can evaporate the water in the embryo body of the ceramic bottle and carry out subsequent operations, including repairing and hydrating, to make it more perfect.