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Insulation pad mold out of the product structure is like

Nov 21, 2017

When it comes to insulation pad mold, in fact, that is, to process and produce insulation pads exist. However, in the case of insulating mats, in essence, it will be called insulating mats, insulating mats, insulating rubber mats and insulating rubber sheets, insulating rubber mats, and further, including insulating mastics, insulating mastics , Insulation pads, etc. are also used to produce insulation pad mold.


Insulation pad mold out of the product structure, first of all, we actually have to pay attention to its insulating pad composition, on its main is that it will be made of plastic insulation materials, and then, on the other hand In fact, we actually noticed that it is also used in non-polar rubber, such as NR, SBR and IIR.


Insulation pad mold out of the product characteristics: Insulation pad in terms of the upper and lower surface, that is, to pay attention to whether there must be no harmful irregularities. In the case of harmful irregularities, what is referred to is simply the defect that undermines the homogeneity and damages the smooth surface of the surface. More commonly, there are holes, cracks and local bulges, incisions and inclusions of conductive foreign bodies.


As far as its innocuous irregularities are concerned, it refers to the surface irregularities that may form during the production process. On the quality of its insulation pads will not be the phenomenon of smell, then we actually found that it itself will not appear bubbles, no pits, the surface is smooth and clean and very clean.


Insulation pad mold products processed in the thickness of the measurement: in the entire insulation pad above, that is, we must pay attention to be at random to choose more than 5 different points for thickness measurement and inspection. At this time, the thickness of the insulation pad mold processed products speaking terms, it is necessary to pay attention to the need to use the micrometer or the same accuracy of the instrument to be measured.