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Introduction of zirconia ceramic mold

Jul 20, 2018

The cobalt oxide in the zirconia ceramic mold is a black-gray hexagonal powder having a relative density of 6.45 and being soluble in acid but insoluble in water, alcohol and ammonia. It is easily reduced to carbon cobalt by carbon monoxide.


Cobalt oxide has high stability. In terms of color, in addition to the common black gray, there are three colors of grayish green, brown and pink. In terms of elemental content, the cobalt content was 78.65% and the oxygen content was 21.35%. Further, the substance has a melting point of 1935 ° C and a density of 5.7 - 6.79 / cm 3 .


The zirconia ceramic mold may be a structural member ceramic because the structural member ceramic is generally powder-formed, and the cobalt oxide in the zirconia ceramic mold is in a powder state, and the mold can be obtained by some molding methods. The zirconia ceramic mold has high strength and good insulation, and has very good wear resistance, corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance. In a certain extent or range, it can also have good resistance to cold and heat.