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Jet fuse molds produced by the fuse function

Nov 14, 2017

Fuse produced by jet fuse molds will be installed in the melt because of the solid gas material made of insulating tube. For its solid gas production materials in terms of speaking, to a large extent, that is, to use electrical anti-white cardboard or plexiglass material. As the short-circuit current passes through the melt, the melt itself generates an arc as it blows, which for its high temperature arc is to a very large extent rapidly decomposing the solid gas-generating material , And will produce a lot of high-pressure gas.


The jet fuses produced for such jet-blow fuse molds emit an arc of ionized gas at both ends of the tube so that to a large extent they emit a relatively large Sound and light, and the arc will be extinguished when the AC current crosses zero.


For its insulating tube is generally installed in an insulating support above, so that it is to a large extent that will form the fuse as a whole. Sometimes for the insulation tube is also made of the upper end will be able to move in the breaking off immediately after the drop appeared drop for such jet fuses will be known as the drop fuse.


In addition, we actually have to pay attention to the same fuse mold and fuse, which is based on the breaking current range can also be divided into general-purpose fuses, backup fuses and full range of fuses. General purpose fuse breaking current range, in fact, refers to the overload current is greater than the rated current of 1.6 to 2 times.


Such fuses die, the main is that it will be used to protect power transformers and general electrical equipment. For its backup fuse breaking current range is from the overload current is greater than the rated current 4 ~ 7 times up to the maximum breaking current range. Fuse produced for such fuses mold often used in conjunction with the contactor.