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Key factors of hardness and service life of dry pressing die

May 18, 2019

Whether the hardness and strength of the dry-pressing mold are in a completely proportional relationship during the use, but the higher the hardness, the better the toughness, and the production of the mold at high temperature will produce alternating stress under the condition of alternating heat and cold, if The toughness of the mold is not good and the stress is easily cracked if it is not removed in time. In general, the hardness of a small simple product core can be suitably higher, controlled at HRC50~52 degrees, but for large molds or complex molds, the hardness of the core is controlled at HRC 46~48 degrees. There is also a recommended hardness of the mold material of different compositions.

Dry pressing molds for chrome 12 should be suitable for cold-punching dies. Die-casting dies are made of hot-working mold steels such as H13, SKD61, 8407, 8418, DAC, etc. The mold materials suitable for die-casting copper alloys are more demanding and can be directly contacted by the mold material supplier.

The key to dry die life

Dry-pressing die technology is one of the key technologies for the development of powder metallurgy mechanical parts, especially those with complex structure and high dimensional tolerance requirements. The accuracy is mainly guaranteed by the mold. A mold of superior quality is a prerequisite for the cost-effective production of mechanical parts of complex shapes. However, high-quality powder metallurgy stampers not only require high mold manufacturing techniques and equipment, but also often cause mold failure due to cracks, abrasion, napping, and bruising. Therefore, in addition to improving the mold manufacturing technology and process, extending the service life of the mold as much as possible is one of the key technologies for stabilizing product quality and improving production efficiency. Only by extending the service life of the mold as much as possible can the full advantage of the cost-effectiveness of the powder metallurgy process be fully demonstrated.www.yxhgmould.com