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Key points in the design and processing of hexagonal ceramic die

Apr 18, 2019

The hexagonal ceramic die consists of two parts: the core and the mold sleeve. The design method of the mold sleeve is basically the same as that of the square hole and the triangular hole mold. The key is the structural arrangement and parameter determination of the integral core. The structure of the core is a whole, divided into two levels: the feed channel level and the discharge channel level. The feed channel is composed of a certain arrangement rule of the feed holes through which the aperture is calculated, and the discharge channel is composed of a plurality of cylindrical nails and hexagonal nails of a certain size.


The discharge channel level of the hexagonal ceramic mold must be consistent with the arrangement of the holes of the carrier product. For the arrangement of the feed holes, it is necessary to ensure the uniformity and balance of the feeding of the various parts of the mold, and to make the mud material enter the discharge passage and diffuse stably and smoothly adhere. Of course, we must also consider the influence of the mold feed-out ratio and the size of the mold on the manufacturing.


The key to the processing of hexagonal ceramic molds is mainly two aspects, one is the processing of the feed holes in the feed channel, and the other is the processing of the hexagonal nails in the discharge channel. The difficulty of processing the feed hole is mainly the positioning of the feed hole. This can be used to position the feed hole by the special CNC machine tool technology of the precision numerical control hole spacing to ensure that the positional accuracy of the feed hole meets the positional relationship with the discharge channel.


The processing of hexagonal nails cannot be realized by wire cutting processing, so the machining is performed using the electric spark pulse forming processing technology. For the electric spark pulse forming process, the design of the electrode size, the manufacture of the electrode, and the reasonable selection of the electrical pulse discharge parameters are the key points.