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Knowledge of zirconia punch

Sep 01, 2017

From the application point of view, zirconia punch showing a strong performance, which has a strong chemical properties, especially in the inert, Naisuan Jian, not aging, etc., far better than plastic and metal materials product. Zirconia punch is a mechanical tool in the stamping die metal parts, can also be called punch, punch, or red and so on.

Under normal circumstances, in the actual work, we are the zirconia punch installed in the stamping die, which can complete the continuous punching punching thrust operations. In this process, the material can be processed to be separated or plastic deformation, so that you can get the finished product or semi-finished products. From its category, there are three common types, namely, A-type punch, T-punch and shaped punch.

In fact, when practically working, the zirconia punch is a component that is in direct contact with the material being treated. In its role, can make the material deformation, cutting. And is generally used in conjunction with other parts. It is usually used with punch rod, punch nut and punch mother.

With the continuous improvement of technical level, the quality of zirconia punch products have also been upgraded. At present, the more advanced manufacturers to produce the product accuracy can reach ± 0.002mm. In the process of stamping, the general requirements of the ambient temperature is at room temperature conditions, with the installation of the press on the mold pressure on the material to complete the job requirements.

It should be noted that in this process, the accuracy of the zirconia punch product design and product quality will have a great relationship. In addition, the quality of zirconia punch products will be related to the actual production efficiency and production costs.

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