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Main process characteristics of Nitrogen flushing machine for galvanized wire

Nov 27, 2018

Nitrogen flushing machine  is used for the galvanizing wire to obtain high-purity nitrogen from the air under the normal temperature condition by the principle of pressure swing adsorption. Under a certain pressure, the difference in the adsorption amount of oxygen and nitrogen in the air on the surface of the carbon molecular sieve, that is, the diffusion and adsorption of oxygen by the carbon molecular sieve is much larger than that of nitrogen, and the opening and closing of the pneumatic valve is controlled by the PLC, and the pressure adsorption and pressure reduction are performed. The attached process completes the separation of oxygen and nitrogen to obtain nitrogen of the desired purity.

The main features of the nitrogen flushing machine for galvanized wire

The entire production process is advanced and reliable, and the adsorption tower in the system uses a unique gas guiding technology to ensure a high energy efficiency ratio. The system uses intelligent control and can be used for nitrogen production without the need for special management. Therefore, the entire process is more stable during the production process of the galvanizing line, and the production efficiency is improved.

The nitrogen  flushing machine is used for galvanizing wire and also simplifies the production process. The process and structure design are properly matched, and the system can reach its full potential. Coupled with reasonable system design, the equipment is safer and more reliable. In actual work, the system can be fully automated, and the whole process can be unattended.