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Main structure design description of powder metallurgy mold

Aug 11, 2018

As one of the four major industries, materials mainly include organic polymer materials, composite materials, metal materials and inorganic non-metal materials. Powder metallurgy technology, as a kind of metal material manufacturing, develops together with other manufacturing methods with its unique and irreplaceable advantages. At the same time, powder metallurgy molds have also been widely used.


Powder metallurgy molds have many advantages in practical applications, such as low cost, low processing allowance, high utilization rate of raw materials, and the ability to produce materials such as porous materials that cannot be produced or are difficult to produce. Up to now, powder metallurgy is a technique for preparing a metal powder and molding and sintering a metal powder or a metal powder and a non-metal powder mixture to obtain a powder metallurgy material or a powder metallurgy product.


Moreover, in the process of preparing the powder material, powder forming is one of the basic processes. Powder metallurgy molds are the key process equipment for the formation of powder materials. It should be noted that the design of the mold should be as close as possible to the shape of the product, the mechanism design is reasonable and the surface is smooth, the stress concentration is reduced, and the delamination and cracking of the compact are avoided. At the same time, the powder metallurgy mold itself must have a certain strength to ensure the number of pressing, and it is not easy to be deformed.