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Maintenance and Application of Powder metallurgy gear mold

Aug 11, 2017

Powder metallurgy gear mold in the use of the process of its parametric size and performance requirements are very high, and its product parameters include the modulus, pressure angle, indexing round tooth thickness, tooth root diameter, Round diameter and so on, the powder metallurgy gear mold in the performance of effective materials, including the selection and other assembly size on the accuracy requirements.

Powder metallurgy gear mold in the accuracy is graded, the national standard is the higher the level of the more sophisticated, the accuracy of the membrane embryo to a certain extent, will directly affect the mold manufacturing and precision, will also affect the life of the mold. So in the process of design must pay attention to its accuracy requirements.  

Powder metallurgy gear mold gate under normal circumstances will be effective with its 3 or 6-point balance into the water, so that the micro-gear is usually only use its single point of pouring, film cavity ranking, there are 1 ~ 4 cavity. Small gears can reach 6 or 8 cavities; different shapes of the gear can be composed of three cavities. The most representative of the 4 cavity.  

Powder metallurgy gear mold in the production process is not allowed to spray mold release agent, otherwise the product is unacceptable, the main reason is that the release agent lubrication will to some extent affect the teeth of the meshing and meshing measurement, and effective Hidden in the tooth surface is not easy to wipe, easy to stick on the dust, affecting the accuracy of the gear. Mold temperature and barrel temperature is the key to ensure the stability of continuous beer plastic.  

Powder metallurgy gear mold as long as the mold, or stop more than 1 hour does not fall mode, the mold must spray rust agent; fall before the mold to check whether the spray anti-rust agent. Ring gear inserts, but a serious rust on the tooth surface, basically there is no room for repair, because it is precision molds.

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