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Making and classification of the ceramic mold

Jan 25, 2019

Ceramic molds are made of gypsum and can be divided into high-strength gypsum and ordinary gypsum. High-strength gypsum is mainly used in machine pressure production. Ordinary gypsum is mainly used for grouting and printing blank production.

Ceramic molds are generally divided into structural parts ceramics and electronic ceramics. Among them, structural parts ceramics are mainly used in electrical equipment because they require wear resistance and insulation, while electronic ceramic molds are mainly used to form ceramic capacitors, varistor, ceramic heating sheets. Product mold; In addition, the ceramic mold structure is generally divided into upper mold, lower mold, mandrel, and concave mold. At the time of production, attention should be paid to the contour height and fit clearance of the mold.

The disadvantages of ceramic molds are large brittleness, poor plasticity, poor toughness, and poor thermal conductivity. The advantages are high hardness, moisture resistance, wear resistance, stain resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and good insulation. Our ceramic molds mainly include high precision hot press grouting mold, ceramic water valve sheet mold, non-standard ceramic mold, dry powder. Pressing molds, zirconia ceramic molds, parts, fixtures, grinding, welcome to inquire and purchase.