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Measures to Increase the Life of Powder Pressing Mold

Apr 09, 2018

Powder Pressing Mold technology is one of the key technologies for the development of powder metallurgy mechanical parts, especially for parts with complex structure and high requirements of shape and position tolerance accuracy, the precision of which is mainly ensured by powder pressing mold technology. In other words, high-quality molds are the preconditions for the cost-effective production of complex-shaped mechanical parts.


However, high-quality powder pressing molds not only require high mold manufacturing technology and equipment, but also may cause mold failures due to cracks, wear, naps, and bruises. Therefore, we not only need to further improve the mold manufacturing technology and process quality, but also need to extend the life of the mold as much as possible, which is also one of the key technologies to stabilize product quality and increase production efficiency.


Only as long as possible to extend the service life of powder pressing mold can fully demonstrate the superiority of the powder metallurgy process economically and efficiently. The factors that have a significant influence on the life of this type of die are the following:

1. The structural design of the powder die, including the manufacturing precision of the die parts and the overall assembly precision of the die;

2, female mold, mandrel and mold punch material selection;

3, heat treatment quality;

4, the use of maintenance and repair quality;

5, powder type and performance;

6, the shape and density of products and so on.


In addition, for some special powder parts, the selection of materials and the quality of heat treatment of parts and components are the most important factors affecting the life of powder molds. Therefore, to extend the service life of the mold, it is also necessary to start from these two aspects, that is, to improve the heat treatment process, give full play to the potential of existing materials; second is to use new materials to improve the life of Powder Pressing Mold.