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Metal powder die wear resistance and high temperature performance

Sep 18, 2017

Metal powder die in the course of the use of a certain wear resistance, the hardness of the product when the impact of the main factors of wear resistance, under normal circumstances the higher the hardness of metal powder die parts, the smaller the wear, wear resistance also it is good. In addition, the wear resistance is also related to the type, quantity, shape, size and distribution of carbides in the material.

Metal powder die in the process of long-term effects of cyclic stress will suffer a number of shocks have a relatively large impact load, so it will easily break, so in order to prevent such a situation, the mold to have a high strength and toughness. The toughness of the mold depends mainly on the carbon content of the material, grain size, organization and inclusions in the content and strength.


Metal powder die has excellent high temperature performance, when the mold working temperature increases, will reduce the hardness and strength, resulting in early wear or mold deformation of plastic mold failure. Therefore, the mold material should have a high resistance to tempering stability, to ensure that the mold at the operating temperature, with a high hardness and strength.

Metal powder die in the use of resistance to hot and cold fatigue performance is also very good, some mold in the course of work will be in the repeated heating and cooling state, so the cavity surface is easy to cause surface cracking and peeling, thereby increasing friction, The plastic deformation, reducing the dimensional accuracy, which eventually lead to die failure. Hot and cold fatigue is one of the main forms of hot die failure, to help this type of mold should have a high resistance to hot and cold fatigue properties.

Metal powder die manufacturing cycle is short, mainly to meet the production requirements and product market competitiveness. Low cost, the cost of mold and the complexity of the mold structure, mold materials, manufacturing accuracy requirements and processing methods and so on. So to rational design and development of processing technology, the selection of appropriate processing equipment to ensure low processing costs.

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