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New materials and processes for making tungsten steel molds

Apr 16, 2019

With the improvement of product quality, the quality and life expectancy of tungsten steel molds are getting higher and higher, and the most effective way to improve mold quality and life is to develop and apply new mold materials and new processes of heat treatment and surface treatment to continuously improve the performance. Longer life and improved processability.


Tungsten steel mold new material stamping die materials used in cold work die steel, is a large application, wide use, the most variety of mold steel, the main performance requirements for strength, toughness, wear resistance. At present, the development trend of cold work die steel is to reduce the carbon content and the amount of alloying elements, improve the uniformity of carbide distribution in steel, and highlight the toughness of the mold; on the other hand, the main purpose is to improve wear resistance. Powder high speed steel developed for high speed, automation and mass production.


In order to improve the wear resistance, hardness and corrosion resistance of the working surface of tungsten steel molds, advanced heat treatment and surface treatment techniques must be adopted, especially new surface treatment technologies. In addition to the familiar surface hardening treatment methods such as hard chrome plating and nitriding, the surface performance enhancement technology of the mold is developing rapidly, and the practical application effect is very good.


Among them, chemical vapor deposition, physical vapor deposition and salt bath metal infiltration are several new techniques for surface coating hardening, which are the fastest and most widely used. They are of great significance for improving the life of tungsten steel molds and reducing the consumption of expensive materials for molds.