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Non-standard ceramic mold gypsum selection and precautions

Jan 13, 2018

Non-standard ceramic mold is an indispensable means of production in the ceramic production process,During the production process is an important part of ceramic production,Modern ceramics used in life, whether it is plate, bowl, cup, dish and other daily porcelain, or vases, seat pan, porcelain and other art porcelain,Mostly through the gypsum mold batch production, so the pros and cons of gypsum mold quality ceramic products will have a direct impact.

Non-standard ceramic mold in the design process, the shape of its ceramic products should be in accordance with the specific requirements of ceramic production process,The future of ceramic mold production process may be pre-sentenced the issue,And in accordance with past experience in the production of mold norms and changes.

This will avoid mold production problems that may arise.

Non-standard ceramic mold in the production before, must be in accordance with the production of ceramic products carefully purchase and use of gypsum,If we want to produce ordinary grouting products, we can buy some ordinary gypsum.

If you want to produce mechanical products, it is necessary to buy and use high-strength gypsum.If it is a prototype of the production of high-grade ceramic products, we must use the more expensive high-quality gypsum.This gypsum particles are fine, white color, high strength, very suitable for the production of high-grade ceramic tires and mold.

Non-standard ceramic mold gypsum in the original cast gypsum slurry, it should take the method of vacuum mixing,This can avoid too much left in the gypsum slurry bubbles, affecting the quality of the original carousel.

When we pour gypsum slurry into the enclosure, we should use the mesh filter to avoid leaving the gypsum lump in the slurry, which will affect the quality of the tire removal.

Non-standard ceramic mold deployment gypsum should be clean water. Plaster and water deployment ratio should be adjusted according to use.The ratio of water to gypsum when spinning a tire is 1: 1.3, and the ratio of water to gypsum for a turned grout is 1: 1.4-1.6.

Dispensing gypsum slurry, it should be based on the need to first pour water into the container,And then in accordance with the proportion of water to add gypsum powder, gypsum powder until all dissolved into the water,Re-use tools for mixing, stirring until evenly.