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Non-standard ceramic mold installation and commissioning methods and the final process

Dec 15, 2017

Non-standard ceramic mold in the process of using the mold surface to improve its wear resistance, to some extent ,this will be better to improve the quality of non-standard ceramic mold,For the surface hardening, according to different molds, use different methods of strengthening.

Non-standard ceramic mold installation and commissioning should be appropriate,In the case of hot runner, the power wiring should be correct, the cooling water should meet the design requirements,Mold in the production of injection molding machines, die-casting machines, presses and the parameters required to meet the design requirements and so on.

Non-standard ceramic mold heat treatment mainly refers to the material in the solid state, in the use of its means of heating, insulation and cooling,So that you can get a certain degree of expected organization and performance of a metal thermal processing technology,In the process of processing the mold, it should be effective according to the mold making process, the mold material, the mold performance and pattern of technical requirements,By selecting different pre-heat treatment and final heat treatment process to meet the mold strength, hardness and toughness requirements,To improve the life of the mold.

Non-standard ceramic mold manufacturing costs as an intermediate part of the mold manufacturing process or the final process,Cracking caused by heat treatment, ultra-poor deformation and ultra-poor performance, the mold will be scrapped in most cases, even through the repair can continue to use, it will increase man-hours, extend delivery and improve the manufacturing cost of the mold.