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Non-standard ceramic mold manufacturing process and design a reasonable request

Dec 08, 2017

Non-standard ceramic mold in the process of using how in a relatively short period of time, high efficiency, low consumption to produce high-quality products, the current economic situation in China mold industry requirements are higher and higher, only reasonable Improve the quality of mold products in order to make our country a better job development, then how to improve the quality of the mold?

Non-standard ceramic mold parts designed to be reasonable

As far as possible the best selection of structural solutions, parts designers to take into account the technical requirements of parts and their structure must be consistent with the mold manufacturing process and feasibility.

Non-standard ceramic mold design is to improve the quality of the mold the most important step

1. The selected mold material, in addition to meeting customer requirements for product quality, we also need to take into account the cost of the material and its strength in the set cycle, of course, according to the type of mold, the use of working methods, processing Speed, the main form of failure and other factors to material selection.

2 mold structure design, as compact as possible, easy to operate, but also to ensure that the mold parts have sufficient strength and stiffness; mold structure allows, the mold parts of the surface of the corners should be designed as far as possible fillet transition to avoid stress Concentrate.

3 in the design must be reduced in the maintenance of a spare parts to be disassembled range, especially when wearing parts replacement, to minimize its disassembly range.

Non-standard ceramic mold manufacturing process is also an important part of ensuring the quality of the mold

Non-standard ceramic mold manufacturing process and processing accuracy of the mold will affect the service life. The accuracy of the parts directly affect the overall assembly of the mold, remove the impact of the accuracy of the device itself, you need to improve the parts processing methods to improve fitter in the mold grinding process with the level of technology to improve the machining accuracy of the mold parts .