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Non-standard ceramic mold processing considerations

Jul 23, 2018

Non-standard ceramic mold, which is one of ceramic molds, which has the same mold accessories as ordinary molds. In the production process of the mold, some mold parts will be used to help the non-standard ceramic molds to be smoothly manufactured. The specific types of mold parts are based on actual conditions and processing requirements.


In addition to non-standard processing, the mold can be processed in some other ways.


Non-standard ceramic molds have some considerations in processing:


General-purpose machine tools such as turning, milling, planing, drilling and grinding can be used to machine non-standard ceramic mold parts and, if necessary, fitter fits to assemble various molds. However, this manufacturing method has high requirements on the technical and operational level of workers, and is labor intensive and long in the mold manufacturing cycle. Therefore, it is suitable for molds with low manufacturing requirements.


In addition, if the mechanical processing method is used to manufacture a non-standard ceramic mold, then the specific aspects of the material, structural shape, size and service life should be considered in the manufacturing process, and appropriate processing methods should be adopted. And processing routes to ensure the quality of the mold processing, and can reduce manufacturing costs.