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Optimized Design and Characteristics of Dry powder pressing mold Structure

Nov 22, 2017

Some of the work piece size and performance requirements are relatively high, so the traditional injection molding is more difficult to meet, so in the actual production of dry powder can only suppress the mold as the main molding equipment. In order to further improve the dry powder pressed mold structure, we also improved on the basis of the original.


Dry powder pressed mold using three inclined push block, ejecting along the die direction, so you can use the traditional manual mode to complete the demolding. And the mold structure is relatively simple, the lateral core-pulling parts were fixed on three inclined thrust block, the entire sub-mold manufacturing cycle is shorter, this structure completely avoid the shortcomings of the original mold, the product is also very stable, the actual production In is very practical.


In the course of using, the dry powder pressing mold generally uses the hydraulic press to provide the power, therefore needs to design the heating hole in the mold, the mold preheats the certain temperature to begin the material shaping. After the product is processed and stripped, new raw materials will be put into it. At this time, the upper die first presses down and compresses and then retreats a space, so that the second pressing can be performed on the material.


For dry pressed molds, its inclined block design should not slope greater than 8 ° unilateral, its main purpose is to facilitate its own ejection and control of cavity size; and slant push block cut core hole, is conducive to grinding Cutting, manufacturing simple, easy to control accuracy. And its plunger can rely on the core of the product more than pulling the core to drive the top to ensure the balance of the top.


As the dry powder compaction mold will produce some debris in the application, in order to avoid it to block a variety of mating holes and lead to accelerated wear and tear, the mold does not need to install the spring, which is more conducive to blowing clean mold debris, top Rely on the rod by the rod will reset the reset pressure reduction.