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Powder metallurgy gear mold application advantages

Mar 14, 2018

At present, in practical applications, the category and output of powder metallurgy gears are constantly increasing, and their application range is increasingly widespread. The reason why powder metallurgy gear products are so widely used is that they benefit from the use and development of powder metallurgy gear molds. This is because powder metallurgy gear molds can significantly improve the quality of powder metallurgy gear products.


Not only that, after the use of powder metallurgy gear molds, the production process of powder metallurgy gear products can also be simplified, resulting in a significant reduction in production costs. In addition, it can also increase production efficiency and reduce energy consumption. More importantly, when using this method to manufacture gears, it can be directly formed into the shape of the finished parts, so the material utilization rate can reach more than 95%.


The reproducibility of powder metallurgy gears is ideal for users. This is because in the production it is directly formed using a powder metallurgy gear mold. Under normal conditions of use, a pair of molds can suppress approximately tens to hundreds of thousands of gear compacts. This well controls the shape and size of the product. It is also possible to manufacture several parts in one piece, which saves some of the later processing and assembly costs.


In addition, after the powder metallurgy gear mold is put into production, it also helps to control the material density of the powder metallurgy gear. In this way, not only the wear resistance of the product is enhanced, but also different parts of the gear can be made into different densities, for example, the hub part can be made to a lower density to enhance self-lubricating and the teeth part can be made into high density. To increase the toughness and impact strength.


In the production process, the powder metallurgy gear mold combination is usually composed of the upper punch, the lower punch, the core rod, and the middle mold consisting of powder metallurgy gear forming trilogy—filling, pressing, demoulding powder metallurgy gear molding. From this, it can be seen that powder metallurgy parts with higher dimensional accuracy can be obtained by using a powder metallurgy gear mold combination.