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Precautions when grouting non-standard ceramic mold

Aug 06, 2018

The whole production process of non-standard ceramic molds is strictly in accordance with the production requirements. In the grouting process, in order to avoid flaws in the finished product, each step must be in accordance with the requirements. In particular, some details must be paid more attention to prevent the appearance quality of non-standard ceramic mold products.


For example, in the process of suctioning the non-standard ceramic mold grouting body, since the green body is extremely soft and easy to collapse, in the process of starting the sizing to the pulping, all the behaviors that may cause the vibration of the model and the green body should be avoided. In addition, it is necessary to adjust the suction time according to the actual temperature conditions and environmental conditions. Every day, 2-3 pieces of the blank are cut from the end of the blank to measure the thickness of the blank.


In this process, the staff also needs to check frequently whether there is any slurry inside the ceramic mold filling container, otherwise the problem of uneven thickness of the blank may occur. At the same time, when transporting non-standard ceramic mold blanks, care should be taken to handle them carefully, so as to avoid damage to the blanks or even breakage.