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Precision ceramic mold material selection to pay attention to what

Oct 26, 2017

Precise ceramic mold materials in the selection of the time, first of all, it is to a large extent, it should be to pay attention to meet the precision ceramic mold in the working conditions on the request. In terms of the first aspect, the choice of mold material, it should be noted that it should be to have a certain wear resistance, the blank in the mold cavity when the plastic degeneration, along the cavity surface not only Flow will also have a sliding phenomenon.


In this regard, the precision ceramic mold in the use of time, so that the cavity surface and the billet in a large extent, in fact, it will produce a relatively more intense friction, so that it is great To the extent that it will lead to die due to wear and failure of the phenomenon. It is precisely because of this, the wear resistance of the material is actually the most basic mold, but also the most important one performance.


Moreover, we actually have to pay attention to, in terms of its hardness, it is actually a major factor affecting the wear resistance. In general, if the hardness of precision ceramic mold parts on the higher, the amount of wear will be smaller, wear resistance will be better. In addition, the wear resistance and the material which is the type of carbide, the number and its shape, size and distribution of a great relationship.


Then, in terms of the working conditions of precision ceramic molds, the large number of cases that will be very bad, and there are more time, that is, will withstand the relatively large impact load, so that its To a large extent, in fact, it can lead to the phenomenon of brittle fracture. In order to prevent the mold parts in the work of a sudden brittle fracture, the mold itself will have a relatively high strength and toughness.


Finally, it is said that the toughness of precision ceramic molds will depend on the carbon content of the material or the grain size and its organization state. In addition, in fact, it is necessary to pay attention to consider the precision ceramic mold with the fatigue fracture performance of precision ceramic mold in the work of the time, under the long-term role in the cyclic stress, it is to a large extent, Leading to the phenomenon of fatigue fracture of precision ceramic mold


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