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Precision fuse mold different areas of different functions

Oct 19, 2017

Precision fuse molds are the scope of drawing die, need to cooperate with the drawing machine to complete the production of such products as precision fuses, of course, must also strictly regulate the use of precision fuse molds and equipment operation process, thereby enhancing the precision of the product.


In the actual production, the precision fuse mold and wire drawing machine with the production process is a drawing process, from the metal wire through the precision fuse die hole, and the export of the mold side of the wire to exert a pulling force to produce the required precision fuse The


It can be seen that the wire is tapering by shrinkage in the mold cavity of the precision fuse mold, and its speed increases at the exit of the die hole. Since the volume of the wire is constant, it is naturally elongated as long as the cross section is reduced.


In the case of the precision fuse mold itself, it is divided into a number of different areas, first of all in the import area, in order to ensure that the wire in the precision fuse mold inlet area wear silk smooth, need to polish this area, so that the drawing liquid smoothly roundabout.


Followed by the lubrication area and compression area, the traditional lubrication area polishing slightly worse, so we will precision frit mold lubrication area for fine polishing, so that the wire easily over; and the reason to set the compression area is to reduce the pull force, change Point contact for the surface angle pull, reduce friction and precision fuse mold wear.


In addition, the precision fuse mold also includes the fixed area, the export area, anti-mouth area, etc., not only can guarantee the precise diameter of wire, finish and non-roundness, no scars; but also support the larger anti- Of the tensile stress.

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