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Process and basic requirements of Metal Ceramic Powder Pressing Molds

Jun 19, 2018

In the process of making different metal powder parts using a metal ceramic powder press mold, the overall process route is: raw material mixing forming dewaxing sintering subsequent processing finished product testing. The so-called raw material mixing refers to mixing the required materials with a professional mixer and stirring evenly. The forming process is based on product design using a suitable Metal Ceramic Powder Pressing Molds.


After molding, it is necessary to properly control the sintering temperature and time according to the conditions of different products. Afterwards, it is necessary to adopt suitable follow-up processing methods according to the different requirements of the parts. Common treatment methods include: light decoration, oil immersion, machining, finishing and so on. Then use different detection equipment according to the product for testing. Metal ceramic powder mold processing technology belongs to a molding method with wide adaptability and high production efficiency.


For different product shapes and molding requirements, the use of Metal Ceramic Powder Pressing Molds will be able to obtain a more ideal production of finished products. It should be noted that in actual production, the quality of the mold used has a great influence on the molding quality, and it directly affects the quality of the semi-finished products and the level of the finished product. Therefore, strict environmental control and mold control must be adopted during production and the Suitable measures.


The basic requirements for Metal Ceramic Powder Pressing Molds include:

1. The structure is reasonable in design, and it is easy to demoulding after molding. The parts and the water absorption are uniform, and the shrinkage of the green body can be ensured to reach a higher qualified rate;

2, porosity and water absorption moderate, slightly larger than the plastic molding model;

3, on the metal ceramic powder mold mold humidity should be strictly controlled, generally should maintain about 5% of the water absorption rate, too dry will cause the body cracking; too long will extend the grouting time, or even difficult to shape.


Of course, in the actual operation, the entire operation process should be strictly controlled. In other words, on the one hand, it is necessary to pay attention to the selection of a suitable Metal Ceramic Powder Pressing Molds. On the other hand, it should be standardized to ensure the quality of the use of the Metal Ceramic Powder Pressing Molds.