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Process characteristics of dry - pressed ceramic forming mold

May 17, 2017

        There has been wider and wider application for ceramic products along with increasing development of science and technology, including spinning and porcelain industry, electric appliance industry, electron, semiconductor, chemical-industry type, industry and art ware; some ceramic molds with small volume and high performance have played great role in high-end equipment. The features and performance of dry pressing ceramic forming mold will be demonstrated below.


Ceramic Lamp holder mold

       Dry pressing ceramic forming mold is the most common application method in ceramic manufacturing industry, which is designed with ceramic chip with small volume and high performance. There is a great proportion for the molding pressure, molding speed and pressure maintaining speed. Ceramic wafer made by dry powder features great density, strong pressure withstanding, high strength and good insulativity. Therefore, there have been super high requirements for materials selection and processing technology for mold manufacturing. The overall mold is designed with simple operation, adjustable pressure, good strained condition, stable product dimension, high production efficiency, smooth surface of the membrane.


Ceramic pepper mold

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