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Processing requirements and precautions for zirconia ceramic support blocks

Sep 06, 2018

The zirconia ceramic support block is a type of filler support device which plays a significant role in ensuring the operational performance of the packed column. The zirconia ceramic support block is mainly made of zirconia and other materials. It has excellent processing equipment, strong technical force, high mechanical strength, good finish, good thermal stability and chemical properties, high insulation strength and excellent electrical properties to ensure the application of materials. performance.


When processing zirconia ceramic support blocks, it is required that the shape grinding should depend on the selected processing procedure; at the same time, pay attention to the distance traveled by the burs per unit time, not too fast; also change the burs in time. The thickness of the zirconia ceramic support block before sintering is at least 0.7 mm and not less than 0.4 mm after sintering.


Before the sintering of the zirconia ceramic support block, the debris generated during the grinding of the support should be cleaned; after sintering, the size of the support will shrink by 25%, so it is necessary to use a matching sintering furnace. There must be enough sintering work space during processing to prevent deformation.


The zirconia ceramic support block is integrally sintered as necessary, and the individual fulcrums are cut after sintering. After sintering, the material can achieve the desired physical properties, such as a maximum strength of approximately 1200 MPa. For the grinding process of the partially sintered zirconia ceramics, the debris should be cleaned in time, and the processing personnel should wear a dust mask.