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Processing requirements and quality requirements of Magnetic material mold

Sep 27, 2017

BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION Field of the Invention The utility model relates to the field of powder material pressing, and more particularly to the use of magnetic materials for pressing molds. BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION [0002] According to the production process of the magnetic material, the magnetic material is produced in the form of a smelting and is pulverized into powder at the later stage of melting, and then the powdered magnetic material is pressed into a desired shape according to the application, Finished product.


In the current magnetic material in the process of processing its molding is widely used in a fixed combination of mold, such molds effectively include the pressure plate, the left side of the board, the right side of the board, the front baffle, rear baffle and the next roof, etc. , The upper plate and the hydraulic press punch connection, the left side of the board, the right side of the board and front and rear baffle phase and surrounded by a rectangular or square.


The top plate of the Magnetic material mold is connected to the mandrel of the hydraulic press, and the fixed combination mold of the structure can be effectively formed in the actual production. Now that the mold is improved, the left and right side panels are rectangular , And then in the middle of the front baffle and rear baffle at least one partition separated from two or more cavities, so that in a single production of more than two products to improve production efficiency.


The magnetic material mold can produce more than one product in a production, and the well can guarantee the life of the platen and the lower roof and ensure the precision of the product. The use of a new type of technical solution to achieve the magnetic material to suppress the mold, including the left side of the right side of the board, a front baffle, rear baffle, a pressure plate and about the top plate; also includes two partitions, The width of the two plates is equal.

The left side plate, the front side panel, the right side panel and the rear baffle of the magnetic material mold are successively connected into a rectangular frame and a transparent groove is formed in the middle of each of the medial plates, and the groove width is adapted to the width of the partition plate The top plate is connected with the rectangular frame, the two partitions are formed in the form of a cross in the same plane and inserted into the groove of the rectangular frame in the form of a plug, and the rectangular frame is divided into four identical cavities with high height In a rectangular frame.

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