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Processing workpiece density range and application of Iron - based Powder Metallurgy Gear Mold

Feb 23, 2018

Iron-based powder metallurgy gear mold in the use and processing, when the iron-based powder metallurgy, the higher the density, the strength will be better, but not all products are suitable for high-density. Iron-based powder metallurgy gear mold workpieces, its density is generally 5.8g / cm ³ - 7.3g / cm ³, depending on the specific use of the product and its structure to decide.


Iron-based powder metallurgy gear mold in the processing, if the iron-based powder metallurgy oil bearing, under normal circumstances will have the oil content requirements, the density will be about 6.2g / cm³, there will be high oil content requirements If the 20% oil content, the density needs to be reduced, there is sufficient porosity to ensure oil content.


Iron-based powder metallurgy gear molds out of the metallurgical gear density, most industries will certainly be able to do 6.8g / cm³, if necessary, this time is to pay attention to using imported powder to do raw materials or nickel powder is added ,Will be able to enhance the density. The highest is to reach 7.3g / cm³.


Iron-based powder metallurgy gear molds out of the powder metallurgy structure need to look at the density of the structure, if some of the more complex structure, or thinner products, because it is difficult to compact the powder compact, so the density Relatively speaking will be relatively low, the intensity is not high, the face of such a situation must also be to prevent in advance, this way, that is, in order to process a better quality of the structure to meet our conditions of use.


Iron-based powder metallurgy gear mold in the processing of iron-based powder metallurgy density is concerned, not the higher the better, this time, pay attention to look at the actual use and structure, in terms of its density should be It should be noted that in the 6.8g / cm above time, the cost of the cost will be higher, according to use, heat treatment can be used to enhance the strength.