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Production focus of zirconia ceramic molds

Mar 12, 2018

The manufacture of zirconia ceramic molds is an important part of ceramic production and has attracted the attention of ceramic producers. This is because the quality of the zirconia ceramic mold directly affects the quality of the product. With the development of technology, the current domestic production of mold technology has been quite mature.


Only by mastering certain techniques, can you create an excellent zirconia ceramic mold. Next, we will briefly introduce some key points in the production.


The first is about the production of die, which should pay attention to two aspects: 1, the size of the die must be accurate, the majority of zirconia ceramic mold without threads, so when the clamp is mainly controlled by the diameter, if Dimensional inaccuracy will be difficult to assemble; 2. Concentricity must be high, because the upper and lower molds are generally formed integrally by a pressure bar, so the concentricity must be better to ensure that the mold will not hit the mold.


Second, we must correctly complete the production of zirconia ceramic molds on the mold, the key points are: 1, the upper and lower mold must be the same height, ceramic products are mostly rotary press, if the upper and lower mold is not equal, will affect the height of the product Consistency; 2. Ensure that the upper/lower die work site is concentric with the press bar, and the upper and lower molds are not adjustable. If they are not concentric, they may cause collision.


Finally, with respect to the zirconia ceramic molds, it is also necessary to grasp the production focus. In this process, it is necessary to control the gap between the upper and lower molds and the concave mold. If it is too tight, it will die, and if it is too loose, it will form a product burr. The other is to ensure the zirconia ceramic mold finish. To ensure the molding effect of ceramic products, it is necessary to ensure the smoothness of the mold to avoid sticking.