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Production Requirement and Processing Technology of Ceramic shaped parts pressing mold

Aug 21, 2017

Ceramic shaped parts pressing mold made of stamper made of ceramic when used by the earliest ceramic materials, but also human synthetic first material, Ceramic shaped parts pressing mold produced a wide range of products, in addition to can be used for filter materials, building materials, Furnace materials, electro-luminescent materials, composite materials, in the field of agriculture, environmental protection has a wide range of applications.

Ceramic shaped parts pressing mold products in the course of the use of its excellent performance, such products have quickly been its extensive use, in use, its products are mainly used in high temperature, high corrosion and harsh environment and meet the needs of high wear Nature, high thermal conductivity of the high standards.

Ceramic shaped parts pressing mold in the process of making the process of its type of technology is more, if the shape of the main body of the material composition, can be divided into liquid slurry molding, semi-solid flow molding and other production The way.

Ceramic shaped parts pressing mold products using its liquid slurry molding, in a specific shape of the mold slurry curing, to obtain a specific shape of the body of the molding method. This method is the most common for gypsum mold ordinary pouring; Secondly, the use of plastic resin mold fully automated high pressure grouting.

Ceramic shaped parts pressing mold can effectively use the surface of the porous body coated with gel, and in the use of its plastic mold gel injection molding, semi-solid flow molding, that is, the use of solid or a certain amount of liquid solids, Pressure and temperature, and has the property of maintaining the deformability after the pressure is removed, and a method of obtaining a specific shape.

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