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Raw material control and macroscopic test of Dry-pressing ballistic plate mold

Dec 05, 2017

Dry-pressing ballistic plate mold in the process of making its guide column has the function of guiding the male and female mold, in the multi-color mold must maintain concentricity, Dry-pressing ballistic plate mold return pin due to the mold must be rotated Action, it is necessary to fix the ejector plate, add a spring on the return pin so that the ejector plate remains stable.

Dry-pressing ballistic plate mold positioning block, in the process of processing can be effectively determined when the two-mold holder is fixed to a large solid plate not because of the gap between the screw caused by the deviation of the adjustment block is mainly used when clamping Mold height z coordinate error can be adjusted. Dry pressure bullet-proof sheet of the top of the mold design and general mold the same. Cooling circuit design A and mold two cooling circuit design as much as possible.

Dry-pressing ballistic plate mold raw material control

1. Annealing the organization's assessment: the purpose of annealing, reducing the hardness of the steel, easy machining, but also for subsequent heat treatment for tissue preparation, carbon tool steel annealing organization according to the first grade GB1298 rating chart assessment.

2. Carbide heterogeneity: the organization contains a large number of eutectic carbides, carbides unevenness of the use of performance has a very important impact, so the distribution of its carbide must be strictly controlled.

Dry-pressing bullet-proof mold macro test

The chemical composition is crucial to ensure the performance of the steel. However, the composition is qualified and can not fully explain the properties of the steel. Due to the inhomogeneity of the internal structure and composition of the steel, the macro-inspection largely complements the deficiencies in this respect. Macro inspection can observe the crystallization of steel, the continuity of the steel damage and the non-uniformity of some components.