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Safe use tips for adult electric bikes

Jun 05, 2019

The battery of the adult electric bicycle is preferred to the lithium battery, which has the advantages of large capacity, low self-consumption and low pollution. Secondly, the lead-acid dry battery has the advantages of good sealing performance and leakage of electrolyte, but the disadvantage is also obvious: easy to pollute . When using lead-acid dry batteries, be careful of the contamination, corrosion and damage caused by electrolyte leakage. Some adult electric bicycle power supply voltages reach or exceed 36 volts, exceeding the safe voltage threshold, and are prone to electric shock accidents, so be careful.


Always check the circuit plug-in points to prevent the contact from being weak, causing the contacts and contacts to catch fire and heat; avoiding the aging of the circuit and the wear and tear, causing short-circuiting of the iron and the occurrence of a series of electrical accidents. When charging an adult electric bicycle, some poor quality batteries sometimes run out of flammable gas, so charging must not be carried out in a narrow, sealed environment such as storage rooms or basements to prevent explosive mixtures.


If the charger is of poor quality or used for a long time, the temperature of the charger is often high, which is easy to cause a fire, so it is not taken lightly when charging the battery during nighttime sleep time. When an adult electric bicycle starts and climbs, it should be assisted by an ankle to prevent excessive starting current and overloading of the machine for a long time, causing overheating of the motor coil, circuit, battery and governor, and even causing disaster.


Adult electric bicycles are not fast enough to be compared to motor vehicles at start-up. Therefore, everyone must be careful and safe when crossing the intersection, so as not to rush, so as to ensure your safety.www.xufengbike.com