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Service Life and Process Performance Control of Tungsten steel dry pressing die

Aug 19, 2017

Tungsten steel dry pressing die in the process of using its life is several times the steel mold, the product has high strength, corrosion resistance, high hardness, small expansion coefficient and high temperature, etc., tungsten steel dry die in the grinding process The process should ensure that the workpiece evenly contact the entire surface of the research tool, which will make the surface of the research load evenly, and can maintain the long surface of the rigging itself.

Tungsten steel dry pressing die in the mixing process is mainly composed of spray drying, wet grinding, ingredients and other three operations process, the product of its so-called mixture of production quality control is the three operations of the three key Parameters for their effective control.

The quality control of the internal material of the cemented carbide in the dry steel mold is mainly to control the total carbon and alloy grain size and the internal structure of the alloy. The external quality control is mainly reflected in the control of the process performance of the mixture, This will control the flow of materials and loose density.

Tungsten steel dry press die processing die steel material hardness is high, this will require its mold processing equipment with thermal stability, high reliability. For the complex cavity and multi-functional composite mold, with the complexity of the shape of the workpiece, we must improve the mold design and manufacturing level, a variety of trenches, a variety of materials in a set of molds or assembled into a multi-functional composite components Mold. With advanced hole cutting capacity and high stability, improve the processing difficulty.

Tungsten steel dry press mold parts quality, including machining accuracy and surface quality, machining accuracy is the actual size of the surface after processing parts, shape, location of the three geometric parameters and drawings of the required geometric parameters of the degree of compliance; parts of the actual geometric parameters and ideal geometry The value of the parameter.

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