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Sintered Powder Metallurgy cold water rinse and sintering atmosphere requirements

Aug 17, 2017

Sintered Powder Metallurgy During the sintering process, the embryo body must contain its lubricant during its molding. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out the degreasing step to effectively remove the lubricant and then effectively carry out the high temperature sintering, which will cause the powder to bind Together, sintered powder metallurgy at this time of degreasing and sintering production process involved in the parameters and equipment considerations quite a lot.

Sintered powder metallurgy in the process of degreasing, the general use of its powder in the need to effectively add its lubricant or adhesive to facilitate the formation, but in the course of the use of the lubricant is essentially organic, must be in the high temperature Effective release before sintering.

The sintering atmosphere of sintering powder metallurgy can affect the mechanical properties, corrosion resistance, cost and appearance of the product during the sintering. The sintering atmosphere is very important in the process of sintering powder metallurgy, which can effectively prevent the outside air Into the furnace caused by the oxidation of the workpiece.

Sintering powder metallurgy in the production process requires the effective control of its embryo body carbon content, generally more commonly used in the atmosphere of hydrogen, nitrogen and hydrogen mixture, exothermic atmosphere and vacuum. Moisture and temperature changes, raw materials such as liquid ammonia or alkanes and other water vapor contained in the gas generator and its operating temperature is stable and so on.

Sintered powder metallurgy in the use of its cold water rinse method, the high temperature generated by the gas moisture content is relatively high, if used in the cold water after its tube outside the rinse after the leakage can be reduced to the water temperature, for example, 15 The C to 30. C water rinse its atmosphere when the dew point is 15. C to 30. C, that is, its water content of 1.7 to 4.1%.

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