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Sintering method and application advantage of Sintered Powder Metallurgy

Aug 15, 2017

Sintered powder metallurgy in the process of operation is mainly to loose powder body and green compact further combined, so that to a certain extent, effectively improve its strength and other properties of a high-temperature treatment process, sintering powder metallurgy in progress During the sintering process, the powder particles will undergo their physical and chemical processes such as their mutual diffusion, flow and melting and recrystallization.

Sintering powder metallurgy will make the powder body is further dense, in use can effectively eliminate some or all of the pores, in the process of solid-phase sintering, the sintering temperature of the powder in the composition of the following points below the melting point, Generally 0.7 ~ 0.8Tm.

Sintered powder metallurgy using its liquid phase sintering, the powder compact if there are two or more components, so that the sintering process may be carried out in the melting point of a certain component, and thus sintered powder compact in the small Of the liquid phase.

Sintered powder metallurgy using its pressure sintering process, will be effective on the powder body to exert its pressure, which will be to some extent effectively promote the densification process, pressurized sintering and sometimes hot for synonyms, hot pressure is the Powder forming and sintering together, directly to the process of products.

Sintering powder metallurgy in the production process using its activated sintering, in the operation of the use of certain physical or chemical measures, which will make its sintering temperature greatly reduced, the sintering time significantly shortened, the sintered body performance but Get improved and improved.

Sintering powder metallurgy In order to be able to effectively improve the strength of its porous rough and other properties, at high temperatures need to be porous and wetting its solid surface of the liquid metal or alloy contact, in operation due to capillary force, liquid metal Will fill the pores in the blank.

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