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Sintering powder metallurgy equipment, sintering temperature and sintering process

Sep 03, 2018

Sintered powder metallurgy is a pressed powder which is heated and formed by a sintering furnace, and the powder constituting the green compact is combined to have strength to form a final powder metallurgy sintered body. During the sintering process, the powder particles undergo physical and chemical processes such as mutual flow, diffusion, melting, recrystallization, etc., so that the powder body is further densified, and some or all of the pores are eliminated.


Sintering powder metallurgy production equipment, the powder metallurgy sintering furnace is completed from the pre-tropical zone, the sintering zone and the cooling zone, and the pressed powder enters from the pre-tropical zone, passes through the sintering zone, and is discharged outside the furnace after the cooling zone is cooled; Sintering is performed at 80% of the temperature of the sintered metal melting point. However, the actual sintering temperature varies depending on the raw materials.


There are also many methods for sintering powder metallurgy. If there are more than two components, sintering may occur above the melting point of a certain component, so a small amount of liquid phase appears in the powder compact during sintering. This is called liquid phase. Sintering; and pressure sintering, which applies pressure to the powder during sintering to promote its densification process.


Activated sintering, electric spark sintering and powder solid phase sintering are also the processes used in sintering powder metallurgy. Some physical or chemical measures are used in the activation and sintering process to reduce the sintering temperature and the sintering time is significantly shortened. Performance has improved and improved. In the electric spark sintering, the powder body is subjected to direct current and pulse electric current during forming and pressing, so that an arc is generated between the powder particles for sintering; when sintering, pressure is applied to the workpiece, and the forming and sintering processes are combined.