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Special properties of carbide cutters materials

Mar 27, 2019

The carbide cutters has developed rapidly in the industry because it has high thermal conductivity and thermal expansion coefficient close to zero, no water absorption, good insulation performance, compact structure, impact resistance, wear resistance and corrosion resistance. In addition, the carbide cutters  has thermal shock resistance during production and processing.


The carbide cutters  material has thermal properties of thermal stress and mechanical properties of the ceramic material, and its geometry and size of the environmental medium also affect the thermal stress of the ceramic material. Therefore, the thermal shock resistance represents the resistance of the ceramic material to temperature changes and must be a comprehensive reflection of its thermal and mechanical properties.


The thermal shock damage of the carbide cutters  includes cracking and spalling under the direct action of thermal shock; instantaneous cracking under thermal shock. In addition, in order to improve the actual thermal shock resistance of the ceramic material, the heat capacity and density of the material can be appropriately reduced.


As a carbide cutters , it has high temperature mechanical properties, high melting point, chemical stability and thermal stability. Therefore, its use is often under high temperature conditions, so its thermal shock performance is also a key indicator of its performance.