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Sprue system and configuration design of dry powder pressing fuse mold

May 16, 2019

Sprue system for dry powder pressed fuse mold

(1) The injection pressure is low.

(2) The rapid filling is completed, which can increase the output.

(3) It can be evenly shot and the product quality is good.

(4) Reduce waste and shorten injection time.

Molding equipment for dry powder pressing fuse mold

(1) The amount of shot from each shot cylinder determines which one is used for that color.

(2) The position of the striker and the strike stroke.

(3) The problem of waterway, oil circuit, and circuit configuration on the rotating disk.

(4) The weight of the rotating disk.

Configuration design of dry powder pressing fuse mold

(1) Guide column: It has the function of guiding the male mold and the female mold. It is necessary to maintain the concentricity in the multi-color mold.

(2) Return pin: Since the mold must rotate, it is necessary to fix the ejector plate and add a spring on the return pin to keep the ejector plate stable.

(3) Positioning block: Ensure that the two mold bases are not fixed due to the gap problem of the screws when they are fixed to the large solid plate.

(4) Adjustment block (wear block): It can be adjusted mainly when the mold height height z coordinate value error is used during mold clamping.

(5) Ejection mechanism: The design of the ejection mode is the same as that of the general mold.

(6) Cooling circuit design: The cooling circuit design of the mold one and the mold two is as much as possible.www.yxhgmould.com