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Stamping ceramic mold composition and process and equipment available

Aug 02, 2018

Stamping ceramic mold, which can be said to be a ceramic mold, is only a stamping process in the manufacturing process, so this kind of ceramic mold is called a stamping ceramic mold.


In the production process of stamping ceramic molds, ceramic punching machines are used, and this is also the equipment that will be used frequently, mainly for the stamping operation of ceramics, to help the ceramic stamping work and to obtain the finished stamping ceramic mold. . Therefore, for all of us, we should have a certain understanding and understanding of ceramic punching machines, so that we can use and standardize the operation correctly to get good results.


The main process of stamping ceramic molds, from the current point of view, is the process of ceramic stamping forming, by applying external force and a certain pressure to the material by using corresponding equipment such as a press, so that the material is plastically deformed or separated, thereby allowing the workpiece to be Have the required shape size and performance. Therefore, it is mainly used to realize the stamping of ceramics and has a good molding effect.



Stamping ceramic molds, which have some basic components, are:

Upper mold base: The upper and upper pads can be fixed and pressure transmitted. In addition, under the guidance of the guide post, the upper and lower molds can be well matched.


Upper and upper splints: The upper pad can be used to increase the height of the mold; the upper splint is used to clamp the punch and the inner guide.


Stripping and stripping plates: Although the two parts are similar in name, they have different functions. The stripper is used to remove the strength of the panel and reduce the punching force.

Lower template: used to provide the cutting edge of punching or cutting.

Underlay: In the ceramic stamping process, the textile can be damaged due to excessive stamping pressure.

Lower mold base: used to fix the lower template, and under the guidance of the main sleeve, the upper and lower molds can be well matched, thus ensuring the product quality of the stamped ceramic mold.