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Stamping concept of ceramic mold

Nov 18, 2017

Speaking of stamping ceramic mold, in fact, refers to that in the industrial production, with a variety of presses and special tools installed in the press directly through the pressure of the press, making the metal or non-metallic materials in special tools which occurred Deformation or flow to get the shape we need and the size of the workpiece, this special tool collectively referred to as the mold. Made of ceramic is made of ceramic stamping ceramic mold.


Then, in fact, we should also pay attention to it. In terms of molds, it is actually the basic process equipment for forming metal, plastic, rubber, glass or ceramic parts, and in this respect, To a large extent, in fact, refers to the industrial production which can develop and achieve less chip-free technology can not be missing tools.


Including stamping ceramic mold, such as cars, tractors or electrical, electrical, instrumentation, and electronic means that in terms of electronics, it itself is that there will be 60% to 80% of the parts need to use the mold Processing, and the production of light industrial products need more mold, including screws, nuts, washers and other standard parts, if there is no mold, then there is actually no way to mass production.


In addition, we actually have to pay attention to stamping ceramic mold in terms of speaking, it is actually a high-efficiency process equipment, stamping ceramic mold for ceramic material molding, this is to achieve high speed Mass production, and can be stable in a large number of production conditions to ensure the quality of parts and play a role in saving raw materials.


Finally, the stamping ceramic mold in the modern industrial production among the increasingly widely used, it can be said that contemporary industrial production is an important tool and its technology development. Much of the development of many modern industries and their technological advancement, to a large extent, is directly dependent on the level of development of a range of mold industries, including stamping ceramic molds.