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Standard Test Method for Zirconia ceramic support block

Sep 04, 2017

Zirconia ceramic support block is a new type of product, its material has a great advantage. This is because it is the use of zirconia ceramic - a high-tech ceramic as raw material. The material not only has the precision ceramic should be high strength, hardness, high temperature, acid and alkali corrosion and good stability and other advantages, but also has a higher toughness and so on.

Because of this, zirconia ceramic support block is currently in the market also get a better application. However, when we buy the product, we need to pay attention. It is advisable to choose from quality as a prerequisite. In order to ensure the performance of the product, in the production process, the need for a series of products tested. The first is to test the quality of its material.

So, do you know what items should be done at the time of the inspection? What is the specific requirement? In fact, in the quality inspection of zirconia ceramic support block, it should ensure that the substrate dielectric constant of 30 or more, pencil hardness of not less than 8H. In the test, the general is the use of Mitsubishi test pencil to 750gf pressure conditions for testing.

So do you know the specific steps? When the above two points are ready, we should ensure that the angle between the pencil lead and the surface of the zirconia ceramic support block to be tested is at 45 °. And then in the test position selected five test lines, the surface shall not appear permanent indentation.

In addition, the need for zirconia ceramic support block ball drop test, the specific steps are: first select a mass of 20g steel ball, and then from the height of 50 cm place to the diameter of 10 mm zirconia ceramic support Block center position, repeat three times without cracks appear to be qualified.

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