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The advantages and design requirements of Zirconia Ceramic Knife mold

Mar 30, 2018

The Zirconia Ceramic Knife mold is an indispensable production material for the production of zirconia cutter heads. At the same time, the manufacture of Zirconia Ceramic Knife mold is also an important part of ceramic production. Ceramic tools are usually made of high-purity ultra-fine zirconia as a raw material, manufactured by spray granulation, isostatic pressing and precision machining. The mold used will directly affect the final quality of the product.


Production of Zirconia Ceramic Knife mold

Usually in the production of zirconia cutter head mold, mainly made of gypsum, can be divided into high-strength gypsum and ordinary gypsum. High-strength gypsum is mainly used in machine pressure production, because the machine pressure has a certain pressure, so the plaster mold must be able to play a certain impact. The ordinary gypsum is mainly used for grouting and printing. The grouting and printing blanks do not require very high gypsum.


The main advantages of Zirconia Ceramic Knife mold


Compared with other molds, Zirconia Ceramic Knife mold has many advantages, such as high strength, high hardness, moisture resistance, abrasion resistance, stain resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, easy cleaning, small deformation, good insulation, and it also has Has a certain resistance to quenching and rapid thermal performance.


The design requirements for the Zirconia Ceramic Knife mold


In actual production, when designing zirconia cutter head products, it is necessary to predict the possible problems in the production process of future zirconia cutter head molds according to the specific requirements of the ceramic production process, and to make molds according to the past. Experiences are regulated and modified. In this way, problems that may occur in the production of molds can be avoided. At the same time it also helps to improve the molding quality of zirconia blades.