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The advantages of the new hot pressing grouting mold

Jun 27, 2018

The new hot pressing grouting mold has novel structure and reasonable design. In the actual application also played a good performance, the mold has a high flexural strength, able to withstand the requirements of hot-press grouting. In addition, this new type of hot-press grouting mold has good heat resistance and does not degrade under high temperature conditions. It can also be formed under severe conditions.


In fact, the so-called grouting process is actually suspending ceramic particles in a liquid and then injecting them into a new porous hot-press grouting mold. The pores of the mold suck out the liquid in the slurry and leave the blank in the mold. body. The grouting process includes slurry preparation, mold preparation, and slurry casting.


In practical applications, the average pore size of this new type of hot-pressing grouting mold is very small, so even if the slurry particles are small, there is no need to worry about the problem of blockage, which helps to shorten the molding time. Not only that, the mold also has good wear resistance and is easy to demold in practice. Considering the cost, the overall cost is low because there is no need to frequently change and repair the mold.