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The advantages, parameters, and precautions for use of Ceramic heat sink mold

May 28, 2018

Ceramic heat sink mold is one of the ceramic molds, it can effectively improve the quality of ceramic products, not only can be used as the most effective tools to improve the gypsum mold finish, durability, precision; also can be used as metallurgical casting, charge molding, building decoration and other industries The original economical mold for aluminum molds.


Compared with traditional ceramic molds, Ceramic heat sink mold have precise dimensions, good strength, no aging, no deformation; and strong plasticity, good chemical stability; small expansion rate, smooth surface; durable, long-term preservation and a series of advantages. Ideal for product making.


The test proved that the surface hardness of the ceramic heat sink mold reached 50mpa; the water absorption rate was 0.15; and the number of single use was more than 6,000 times; even if it was used in a temperature range of 75°C for a long time, the mold would not be deformed or deteriorated. Durable.


The formation of many products requires the use of ceramic heat sink mold. Since ceramics are our country's industrial strength, we are naturally at the advanced level in the production of molds. Moreover, the quality of the ceramic cooling mold directly affects the quality of products produced in the later period, so it is very important to grasp the quality of the mold.


In the production of some details on the quality of ceramic heat sink mold has a great impact, we need everyone to pay special attention. For example, when the silica gel and the curing agent are to be mixed evenly, if the mixing is not uniform, the mold will be in a dry and uneven state, which will affect the service life of the mold and the number of mold turnover.


Therefore, after the silica gel and the curing agent are mixed evenly, the vacuum drawing time is not too long. If the time is too long, it is easy to cure the silicone immediately, so that the silicone becomes one piece and cannot be painted. Or perfusion, it can only be scrapped. High-strength gypsum is the best choice for raw materials. Because high-strength gypsum stone is produced by a press, and the mold is pressed and molded by strong pressure, it must be more excellent in impact resistance and service life, and the cost is not too much higher than ordinary gypsum.