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The cause of the ceramic mold bursting during use

Oct 16, 2018

There are many reasons that cause the ceramic mold to burst during the later use. There are also many factors that cause the ceramic mold to fail. It is necessary to remove the cause to better prevent it and reduce the occurrence of similar problems. Ceramic molds are more durable.


Ceramic mold cracking may be caused by poor mold material, so it is easy to be broken in subsequent processing; or it is improperly heat-treated, such as deformation of ceramic mold due to improper quenching and tempering process; of course, it may be related to design process, ceramic mold Insufficient strength, too close to the knife edge, unreasonable mold structure, insufficient number of template blocks, and no padding feet are included.


If the ceramic mold is cut with a wire, or if the gap is not correct and the angle is not cleaned, it will also cause the ceramic mold to burst when it is used. If the selection of punching equipment, such as punch tonnage, insufficient punching force, and too deep mold adjustment, it will also have an adverse effect on the ceramic mold.


In the application of ceramic molds, the same results can be obtained when the material is unloaded and unloaded. In addition, lamination stamping, positioning is not in place, and the template is cracked and continues to be produced, which is also the reason for the ceramic mold to burst, so these are also needed. Always pay attention.


Once the ceramic mold bursts due to the above reasons, it will not only affect the production, but also reduce the quality of the product and bring about no small loss to the user. In order to avoid such problems, whether it is mold materials, heat treatment processes or other processing operations, it must be strictly in accordance with the requirements.