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The forming and processing of Hot Pressing Grouting Mold

Aug 04, 2017

It is understood that hot pressing grouting mold is also a ceramic products forming mold, but is designed for hot pressing grouting process. In order to be able to make the mold for the use of hot pressing, need to go through a series of strict work processes, hot pressing grouting mold to smooth molding.

The entire manufacturing process of the hot pressing grouting mold starts from the mold design, requires the mold size to be consistent with the desired finished product, and then made according to the design drawings. The first is the production of the hot press grouting mold , which can be found on the basis of the prototype On the scale, because in the drying and firing process will be a certain damage.

The next step is the production of the master mold of the hot pressing grouting mold, which is based on the molding of the mold, which generally includes the bottom mold and the mold or core and die. There is a sub-mode of production, mainly mastered from the mold for the use of grouting. 

In order to make the production of hot pressing grouting die with better results, and longer service life, they need to mold the mold drying, the purpose is to discharge too much moisture in the mold to facilitate the grouting , But also the hot pressing grouting mold surface impurities clean, to prevent the impact of product molding.

In the hot pressing grouting mold processing work, one of the more important part is the mold, it is also the key to ensure product quality, is to avoid product collapse, deformation, cracks and other defects. Therefore, according to the hot and cold grouting mold the degree of old and new, wet and dry degree, the environment temperature and humidity, shape and location and other factors, using different rub method.

Hot pressing grouting mold manufacturing process is the end of the process of assembly, the need to assemble the mold parts installed card firmly, but also fortress to prevent the mouth, ready to grouting.


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